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CSL Memories (1987-1992)

Canadian Soccer League Memories (1987-92).

Remembering, collecting and reminiscing about Canada's almost lost soccer history.

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The Canadian Soccer League (1987-1992) was founded in 1986 following Canadas first appearance in the World Cup. Canada was one of the few, if not the only, country competing in the World Cup without a domestic league. As a result the league was created to "bring our players home". The player base included young and old Canadians, players that had played in Europe, players that would go to play in Europe, and players that played in the NASL/MISL.


Unfortunately over the years there seems to have been a lack of documentation of this league and this website is meant as an attempt to collect and provide an important part of Canadian Soccer History for those that enjoyed it and those that have yet to enjoy it.


I initially started collecting CSL jerseys and found that it was hard to figure out who had worn them, what season they were worn etc. As a result I catalogued information I found sporadically and here we have the result. 

If you have stories, corrections, pictures, jerseys or items you'd like to offer/donate to the website please feel free contact me at any time.


Special thanks to Dave at for encouraging me to build this site and sending me a ton of pics in the process. If its not a jersey from my collection or credited to someone, its probably Daves pic. - Christian

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Whats new!

04-24-24 ex 86ers Gregor Young was kind enough to provide a roster list for the 1991 86ers friendly vs Milan

04-22-24 Uploaded some more great 1987 pics 

04-09-24 Have digitized a copy of the first 1987 Calgary Kickers Programme as donated by Mr Chris Daniel

03-26-23 More amazing stuff from Mr Chris Daniel, who is always generous with his time and momentos

3-13-23  Had a submission from ex Clippers Neil Sedgwick who sent me links to not 1 but 3!!! Nova Scotia Clippers games which can be seen here! Thanks again Mr Sedgwick!

12-14-23 Managed to get a hold of a 90 Blizzard gameworn by Paul Peschisolido, which you can now see here!

10-10-23 Dave Sprague was kind enough to send pics of himself at the first CSL Kick off as well as pics of the first ball ever used.

06-29-23 Purchased ages ago but finally received and documented, the 1990 Victoria Vistas Home, as well as a pic of Jessica Raymond's gem of a kit (hint, it was worn by her father, a certain Mr Barnes)

05-31-23 More from Peter O'Toole, who did the 1990 season!

04-27-23 Uk Artist Peter O'toole has taken an interest in the league and is drawing up mock ups of each seasons uniforms. Check out the individuals teams, hes done seasons 1987 and 1989. Ex Supra Keeper Aldo Braccio has been kind enough to send in a pic of the 1989 training jacket. Thanks tons you guys! 

02-27-23 Mr Rob Cleugh was again kind enough to send a pic of the NS away jersey! Great to finally get footage of this stuff!

02-26-23 Rob Cleugh, ex Steelers Clippers, sent some amazing pics of his training jackets which can be seen here and here.  

Thanks again Mr Cleugh!

01-06-23 My buddy Teddy reached out when he found this training top, waiting for confirmation on season but as of right now have put it in the 1988 season. What a beauty!

11-29-22 I dont always depend on the kindness of strangers but man oh man is it great when it does happen. Ex Kickers Chris Daniel donated a huge part of his closet to me and i could be more flattered or happier about it . Have updated the Kickers section to reflect that. Stuff from both the 87 and 88 season there. How nice is that 88 Away!!! A CCM top?! Doesnt get more Canadian than that. Also found old footage of the Calgary Strikers vs Winnipeg Fury in 89 on youtube, post it under both teams in the 89 season.

10-05-22  Posted a 1989 Winnipeg Fury Home game worn by #8 Doug Hardie as well a plethora of gems sent to me by former Kickers Defender Chris Daniel and former Fury Defender Steve Millar, so great to see pics of these!

10-04-22 Bought this months ago but for whatever reason forgot to post pics of it here, gameworn 1988 CSL Hyundai All Stars jersey, worn by Colin Miller

08-31-22 Dan Skwarchuk was kind enough to send pics of the 1991-92 Winnipeg Fury Tracksuit and Shorts! Thanks Dan!

04-29-22 Bill Muirhead was kind enough to send us a pic of the 1989 Victoria Vistas Away jersey as modeled by his son, Bill played for the reserves and almost cracked the first team. His brother Doug was a main stay for the 86ers and appeared several times for the Canadian national team. Thanks again Bill!

01-17-22 Happy New Year all! Added a 1990 Winnipeg Fury Training Sweatshirt to the collection, was only issued to the team.

12-13-21 Got a 1992 Winnipeg Fury Youth Camp shirt signed by the entire CSL Cup winning Squad

12-06-21 the ever kind Dave Morrison @ nasl jerseys sent me a pic of Paul James playing for Toronto Blizzard in 91. Thanks to Kenneth Price (ex Kickers/Strikers) ive got and insane amount of info/pics about the Kickers/Strikers, Vistas, Blizzard and Brickmen

11-15-21 Got all sorts from my guy Istvan including a Toronto Blizzard vs North York Rockets program from 1988, letter from Winnipeg fury in 1991 and Edmonton Brickmen Season Ticket booklet from 1990  

09-05-21 Found some pics of 1987 Rockets Ticket Pamphlet and 1987 Winnipeg Fury Tickets

08-11-21  Couple of mystery shirts, hoping people have info. North York Rockets and Calgary Kickers

07-24-21 Been a minute since ive been able to or had anything to update. Found some pics from 1991 of the Blizzards team photo and 1992 Supra de Montreal 

05-12-21 Found some amazing games uploaded on youtube by the Albanis family! This includes Supra v Steelers in 88 and Supra v Rockets in 89

05-10-21 Special thanks to my buddy Iain Harvey who decided to part with his 1988 Edmonton Brickmen Game Worn Justin Fashanu.

Couldnt be happier or luckier to now have it in my possession. Was an heirloom that he inherited from his parents, who won it in a contest of sorts. By the way if you dont know who Justin Fashanu is please check out Forbidden Games, i believe its on netflix and you can even see glimpses of footage from his time at Hamilton and Toronto. Pretty tragic story but worth a watch for many reasons. 

I should also make mention to always check out the youtube play list ive put together of found videos on youtube. It includes full games, interviews and highlights from 1987-92. Just recently added Tom Kouzmanis' draft at the 1991 CSL draft. If you find any footage or tapes or any such stuff please let me know!

03-31-21 Full team pic of the 1989 Calgary Strikers (thanks to Nick Gilbert!)


03-28-21 Got a better picture of Kitchener Spirits away jersey, this time gameworn by #4 Orville Reynolds


03-06-21 Finally own a 1989 (maybe 88?) Toronto Blizzard Away Keepers jersey gameworn by #1 Pat Harrington. Had been sitting in Italy for a few years. The seller swore it was NASL despite my showing them proof so it was priced as such. Thankfully he just wanted rid of it and got it for way cheaper. Its now up to see.

03-02-21 Fortunate enough to have received both a gameworn 1989 Calgary Strikers Sweatshirt and a game worn 1988 Edmonton Brickmen Home jersey  from a very generous Mr Gregor Young! Excited to have added these to my collection. My first Strikers item! Thanks tons Mr Young!


   02-23-21 Added Mr Nick Gilberts Winnipeg Fury Card

02-17-21 Posted up two 1987 Calgary Kickers training sweatshirts, one from the finals, one from regular season. THanks again Mr Nick Gilbert!

02-01-21 a pic from the 1988 CSL Western Allstar team as well as a 1988 Vancouver 86ers Soccer Clinic jersey  (thanks to Jamie Lowery) 

01-31-21 Got some amazing pics from Mr Jamie Lowery of the Vancouver 86ers including game worn 1987 home jersey, 1988 Vancouver 86ers Away, and a 1992 Vancouver 86ers Home jersey. Thanks again Mr Lowery! Also included a fantastic anecdote by Steve Millar, captain of the Fury about the 1992 semi final game between Rockets and Fury. 


01-31-21 Updated some pics including Captain Steve Millar wearing the Winnipeg Fury Away in 1989, his VIP cards from 91 and 92 seasons and a team photo of the 1991 CSL All Stars who played Milan care of Marco Rizzi. 

01-26-21 Amazing haul yesterday from 1987 CSL MVP/Golden Boot winner Nick Gilbert. He was kind enough to sell me some incredible gameworn shirts including a 1987 Calgary Kickers home, away, 1990 Edmonton Brickmen away and a 1991 Winnipeg Fury Home. Thanks again Mr Gilbert!

01-24-21 Got more pics from Mr Gary Morrow including a 1987 Gameworn track top and a pic of Mr Marco Rizzi wearing the 1991 CSL All Stars vs Milan Jersey 

01-06-21 Some amazing updates, ex Steelers Gary Morrow provided me with some great pics including an 88 tracksuit , an 89 tracksuit, a gameworn 1988 Steelers away  ex 86ers Doug McGinty provided me with some pics from the 1991 Benfica 86ers friendly the 1992 CISL Cup.. Finally but definitely not least Canadian International Striker and CSL beast Nick Gilbert sent some pics of his Golden Boot and MVP trophies. Have some new jerseys on the way to boot, so keep an eye out for updates!

26-12-20 Added a 1987 preseason Edmonton Brickmen gameworn Pasquale De Luca jersey. Unsure at this time whether it is a trainer or a jersey. 

17-12-20 Have a full team pic of the Edmonton Brickmen in 1987 thanks to Angella Hennessy whos father played for them,  Carlos Marquez

16-12-20 Finally have a pic of a London Lasers Home jersey from 1992, along with other pics and write ups thanks to ex Lasers defender Mr Mark Warton!

13-12-20 Some great gameworn jersey pics provided by Rui Viana who played for the Edmonton Brickmen, Mr Grant Darley also provided a team pic of the 1990 Vistas 

12-12-20 Posted up some pictures from the 1987 Winnipeg Fury season, as well as photo sent by Mr Jamie Lowery from the Vancouver 86ers 1991 season (thanks again as always Mr Lowery).

12-09-20 Posted a pic of a ticket London Soccer Selects vs Toronto Blizzard in 1989 as well as the 1987 CSL Champions Calgary Kickers.

12-05-20 Added a color pic to the London Lasers 1992 season and a pic of 1989 Hamilton Steelers away gameworn jersey #7 Lucio Ianeiro, both pics sent by Mr Jamie Lowery. Thanks Mr Lowery!

12-03-20 Added a picture of 1987 Calgary Kickers preseason friendly vs Sheffield Wednesday (thanks to ex Kickers Simon Hodgson), updated information regarding a Kickers jersey from that friendly, added a picture of a matchworn 1987 Calgary Kickers Home jersey gameworn by Simon Hodgson). Thanks again Mr Hodgson!.

11-10-20 Added 1992 Vancouver 86ers gameworn Paul Dolan keepers kit courtesy of John Nusstein

10-13-20 Put up pics for 1990 Kitchener Spirit Home, Hamilton Steelers away (courtesy of John Gibson), 1991 North York Rockets Away, Keeper, Toronto Blizzard Away, Keeper, Nova Scotia Home jerseys (courtesy of Andrew Hryniuk)

10-06-20 Was asked for a small blurb regarding the legacy of the Vancouver 86ers in North American football, can read the article here

10-01-20 Posted pics of a possible second set of 1990 Montreal Supra Home and Away jerseys provided by Grant Needham (thanks Grant!)

09-23-20 Posted what i believe to be a 1988 Toronto Blizzard training jersey

09-22-20 Found a pic from the friendly between Steelers and Red star in 1988, posted it

09-20-20 Posted up a 1990 Hamilton Steelers Training Sweatshirt care of Lucio Iniero (thanks Lucio!)

09-16-20  Posted 1992 Montreal Supra Away jersey gameworn by #3 Rudi Doliscat in a game against Korinthos. Posted 1988 Vancouver 86ers Home jersey. Added a flyer to a tournament in 1986 in which the Calgary Kickers would eventually find first team players. 

 08-24-20 Posted 1988 North York Rockets Away Gameworn by #16 Player Coach Grzegorz Lato

  07-31-20 Posted a 1990 Gameworn Paul Dolan Away in 86ers courtesy of Luca Dalla Pace (thanks Luca!)

06-29-20 Posted up 1987 Calgary Preseason Jerseys gameworn by Lindsay Henderson as well as a 1989 Steelers Congract via Gary Morrow. Also managed to upload all 3 games that Stephen Burns sent to me to youtube, 1990 86ers vs Brick Men, 1990 Highlights and 1989 86ers v Vistas. 

06-22-20 Have a 1990 Ottawa Intrepid home and away schedule submitted by Alberto7, 1987 Vancouver 86ers vs Edmonton Brick Men booklet submitted by Peter Schaad both uploaded

06-09-20 Couple of new pics thanks to Hernan Fernandez (in Supra, 88 and 89 seasons), Rich Paschette with the 1988 Montreal Supra season Ticket pricing. 

06-06-20 Updated some photos for 86ers with pics provided by assistant coach Alan Errington, also updated rosters for 1990 Ottawa Intrepid thanks to Alberto7

06-01-20 Added new jersey to the collection and website, 1991 Vancouver 86ers Home gameworn by Stephen Burns, hes provided some games on VHS which ill have transferred soon too!

05-29-20 Big update with pics from Nick Gilberts closet (including jerseys from Kickers, Fury, Brick Men), a pic of the 1991 86ers away (from Stephen Burns), 1992 Supra posters (from Tom Kouzmanis), 1989 Vistas (from Simon Keith), 

05-19-20 Updated Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton and Edmontons rosters from 1987 thanks to ex Ottawa Sean Holmes.

05-14-20 Posted up new pics for 1991 Rockets (thanks to Gary Morrow, Marco Antonucci), 1991 Steelers All Stars (thanks to Frank Riga), 1988 Supra Away jersey (thanks to Mario Cordileone), 1989 Fury v Edmonton Brickmen, 1990 86ers Champs (thanks to Stephen Burns) and 1987 National Capital Pioneers Roster with small anecdotes (thanks to Sean Holmes)

05-09-20 Posted up new pics from Inaugural seasons of Rockets, Steelers, the league itself. Thanks to Frank Riga, Gary Morrow, Sasha Pavic and Marco Antonucci

05-05-20 Have created a Facebook group,, with the intention of sparking wider interest and conversation in the league. Come join us! Also managed to find a short clip of highlights from the 1991 CSL All Star Game vs AC Milan. You can find that with the Annual Stat from 1991.

04-30-20 Marco Antonucci (ex Blizzards, Rockets) was kind enough to send pics of some old gameworn tracksuits he still has, added those accordingly. Thanks again Marco for the pics. Updated rosters to include info put forth by the ever helpful Robin Glover.

04-27-20 Updated 1989 Season primarily for the Rockets but included Rosters for all clubs playing away to North York that season. Also have the cover and pull out posted from the Blizzards friendly vs Flamengo on July 7th (video was already posted). Thanks for all of it Robin! Also posted the final 45 of the 1989 CSL final between 86ers and Steelers in Vancouver. Can find it on either team page and youtube here .  Marco Antonucci was nice enough to send some pics of some soccer balls the Blizzard and the league sold back in the day. 

04-24-20 Put some more press clippings, pics of programs and ticket stubs all submitted by ex Pioneers/Intrepid/Spirit/Kickers Peter Mackie ( Response to the site has been amazing, please keep sending comments pics items, any and all is welcome!


04-22-20 Managed to get some games transferred from VHS to digital then uploaded to youtube. Once again huge thanks to Drew Ferguson as it all came in the wonderful box he sent. You can check out games involving the Steelers, Kickers, Blizzard, 86ers, Fury and Intrepid in their respective sections, the games were either in the 1989 season or in the 1991 season. Enjoy!

04-21-20 Updated some pics thanks to Marco Antonucci (ex Blizzard, Rockets), Marco Rizi (ex Supra) and John Stellato (designed and made Supras jersey in 1988 and 89)

04-20-20 Shout outs to reader?/Consumer?/Supporter? Matt K who told me to check out a twitter account, as they had posted some stuff about Ottawa. Turns out its former CSL player Peter Mackie! Hes an absolute gent and indulged me and my questions sending me pics of Kitcheners jerseys as well as one of the National Capitals. All updated, thank you both so much! Figured id hear from people but nothing this fast and this much! BTW you can check out Mr Mackie's Academy,,  theyve recently partnered with Glasgow Rangers!

04-19-20 Did a video chat with fellow collector Damien at, you can check it on his instagram feed soon. Talked about the website and collecting in general. Updated rosters for all teams in 1988 season thanks again to the hard work of Robin, a class act of a gent. Manage to get some more pics of North York that season too, the aways and keepers. 



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