North York Rockets (1987-92)

Playing out of Esther Shiner stadium, North York was a founding member of the CSL in 1987. Their best result league wise was in 1991 when they beat Nova Scotia Clippers 9-1 to go to the semi finals vs eventual finalists and rivals Toronto Blizzard. They fielded names such as David Byrne, Eddie Berdusco, Tony Pinatiello, Victor Quni, Peter Zezel, Gino Di Florio, Pat Onstad and Tony Nocita.



North Yorks second season showed greater promise than their first. They placed 3rd out of 5 teams in the eastern division. They would make play offs but were knocked out in the quarter finals by Toronto Blizzard. 


 That season their jersey was made by local company Rossi Di Italia, home was blue with white cross checking and Leon's furniture company as chest sponsor. Away was white. 



Once again North York saw greater success with an increase in wins (from 10 in the 88-89 season, to 12 in the 89-90 season). They once again placed 3rd and went to the play offs. In the play offs they played a dominant Hamilton and lost 2-1 over two legs.

That season their jersey was made by Brazilian company Campea. Home was dark blue with white collar and trim. Away was White with blue. Chest sponsor was Siena. 

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The 1990 season was not as successful as the previous season, with the Rockets accruing 23 points and sitting 5/7 in the eastern conference. They played a dominant Vancouver 86ers team, who beat them 4-0 over two legs in the Quarter finals. 

That season their jersey was made by Italian company ABM. Home blue with white sashes across the shoulders and chest and Coffee Time as the chest sponsor. Away was white with tiger striped shoulders, Leons furniture was the chest sponsor. 

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This season North York placed 3rd in the table (East/West divisions now solidified into one table). They made the play offs beating the Nova Scotia Clippers 5-1 over two legs. They then played second place rivals the Blizzard in the semis where they were knocked out.

Jerseys were once again made by ABM, blue for home, white away. Leons was the chest sponsor. It would appear that jerseys werent necessarily home and away specific. In some cases theyd wear away home and home away.  Away appeared to remain the same from the previous season.

Rockets Blizzard Derby c/o Rocket Robin Glover
Rockets Blizzard Derby c/o Rocket Robin Glover
1991 Rockets Roster
V Blizzard c/o Rocket Robin Glover
V Blizzard c/o Rocket Robin Glover
V Fury c/o Rocket Robin Glover
v Fury c/o Rocket Robin Glover
v 86ers c/o Rocket Robin Glover
v 86ers c/o Rocket Robin Glover
v Supra c/o Rocket Robin Glover



North York placed 2nd, 6 points out of 1st meeting eventual winners Winnipeg in the play offs. Winnipeg won 2-1 over 2 legs and went on to beat the 86ers over 2 legs, 3-1. 

Unfortunately as of right now I do not know who made their jersey. If you do, please feel free to contact me and i will gladly update the information.


Rockets Stats

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