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Kitchener Spirit/Kickers (1990-91)

Kitchener Kickers made the semi finals in their first year (under coach John McGrane). Kitchener failed to do so in their second season (under former player Drew Ferguson), with their new name Spirit (its believed finances were particularly tight in the second season).

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Kitchener Spirit placed 4/7 in the eastern division in their first season. They would beat Toronto Blizzard in penalties over two legs of the quarter finals. In the Semi finals Kitchener would fall to Hamilton 3-1 over two legs. They would fold at the end of the season.

Uhlsport made Kitcheners jerseys. Home was white with the check across the front, much like what W Germany had in the 1990 World Cup. The away was also heavily influenced by Germany's away from that world cup.. Its worth noting that Kitchener (and its surrounding area) has a large German community.

Kitchener Spirit/Kickers (1990-91): Gallery


In their second season Kitchener changed owners and name becoming the Kitchener Kickers. Rumors of financial instability made things tough for Kitchener as they placed second to last in the league table, winning only 4 of 28 games That season they missed the play offs and folded 3 weeks before the start of the 92 season.

That season their jerseys were made by Umbro, Home was green with fractal shapes, away was white with a different pattern.

Kitchener Spirit/Kickers (1990-91): Gallery
Kitchener Spirit/Kickers (1990-91): Gallery

Kitchener Kickers Stats

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