National Capital Pioneers/Ottawa Intrepid


Charter member initially known as the National Capital Pioneers played in Lansdowne Park in Aylmer, QC. The following season, in 1988, they were restructured, changing their name to Ottawa Intrepid and moved to Terry Fox Park in downtown Ottawa. 

The league was not kind to Ottawa as they never seem to make it further than the quarter finals in their first season (1987). They did however field the likes of Lyndon Hooper, Iain Baird, John Limniatis, Paul James and Ted Eck. 



The National Capital Pioneer's first season was fairly successful, placing 2nd in the table with 23 points. They would make the play offs, losing 2-1 to Toronto in the quarter finals. They would play out of nearby Aylmer. 

That season their jersey was made by English company Spall. Their home jersey was red, with white shoulders and away was white with red shoulders. 

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In its second season the team was restructured, moving to a new home, Terry Fox Stadium in South Ottawa, and changing their name to Ottawa Intrepid.
Unfortunately the season went poorly with Ottawa placing 3/4 in the eastern division and not making the play offs.


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