Edmonton Brickmen (1987-90)

Initially part of the Western Soccer Alliance in 1985, the Edmonton Brickmen would join the CSL in 1987. Named after financial backers The Brick Warehouse and owned by Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pocklington, Edmonton would play out of John Ducey Park and Clarke Stadium. Ross Ongaro would coach and play for them, while Mel Kowalchuck would serve as president of the club.

Players fielded for the Brick Men included the likes of Ray Hudson, Norm Odinga, Justin Fashanu, Ross Ongaro, Nick Gilbert, Niall Thompson, Craig Forrest, Paul Dolan and Drew Ferguson. Unfortunately their best result came in 1989 when they made it to the semi finals only to face the ever dominant 86ers. 



Edmonton placed 3/4 in their division. They would lose to the 86ers in the quarter finals, 2-1

That season their jersey was labeled as Umbro and made by Taurus. 

Home was yellow, away was Black with a yellow sash. The training jersey was labeled as Umbro and made by Brazilian company Penalty.

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1990 Edmonton Brick Men Away Gameworn #9 Nick Gilbert (C/O Nick Gilbert)