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Winnipeg Fury


Winnipeg had a difficult first 4 years as an inaugural member of the CSL. Playing out of University Stadium, they finally won the league in 1992, one of three teams to do so. Winnipeg would field notable players such as Geoff Aunger, Pat Onstad, Tony Nocita, Dave Foley, Shaun Lowther, Peter Sarantopolous and Carlo Corazzin.

Winnipeg Fury (1987-92): TeamMember


Winnipegs first season proved to be a poor one. They placed last in their division, with 5 wins out of 20 games. They failed to make the play offs.

That season their jersey was made by Umbro. The home was white with burgundy stripes across the chest, the away was burgundy.

Winnipeg Fury (1987-92): Gallery


Winnipegs second season was definitely better than their first as they placed second (out of 4) in their divison. They would beat Calgary in the quarter finals, 2-1. They would then face the dominant Vancouver in the semi finals who would beat them 3-1.

Winnipegs jersey was made by Umbro. Home was red with a white collar, fury on the chest and Superstore on the breast. Away was white with striped collar and cuffs. There was a square pattern all over the shirt, Fury across the chest. On the arm was a Molson Canadian badge and a coca cola badge.

Winnipeg Fury (1987-92): Gallery


Winnipeg's third season was as poor as their first. They would place 4th out of 5 teams in the west and miss the play offs. 

That season their jersey remained the same as the previous. Umbro made, home was red, away was white. The only difference was the sponsors on the jersey. Fosters and Coca Cola/Pepsi were added on the arms, Superstore on the chest.

Winnipeg Fury (1987-92): Gallery


Winnipegs 4th season proved to be as disappointing as their 3rd season. They placed 3/4 in their division. As there was a disparity of teams in the western division (4 teams) vs the eastern (7 teams), 3 out of 4 teams in the west would make the play offs. Winnipeg was one of them. 

Umbro remained the shirt maker, Home was red with waves, Away was White. Both shirts had manderin collars. 

Winnipeg Fury (1987-92): Gallery


That season Umbro provided the jerseys, it appears they wore the same design as the previous season. Red for home, white for away. with a snap collar. 

Winnipeg Fury (1987-92): Gallery


Umbro made the shirts that season, as they appear to be the ones similar to the previous seasons (89-90, 90-91), red for home, white away. However during the finals it appears that Winnipeg wore a special jersey for both legs. Made by Umbro, black and red stripes with Canadian Superstore across the chest. No club badge anywhere.

Winnipeg Fury (1987-92): Gallery
Winnipeg Fury (1987-92): Gallery

Winnipeg Fury 92 Mita Cup Win and Dedication Show Oct 7, 1992 Host John Berti

Fury Stats

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Winnipeg Fury (1987-92): Gallery

1992 CSL Final Fury V 86ers

Winnipeg Fury (1987-92): Gallery

1992 CSL Final Fury v 86ers

Winnipeg Fury (1987-92): Gallery
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